Monday, February 23, 2009

Delhi-6 ... Not just a Pincode

Heyo homiez, thanks for reading up and blog-hopping to my page. Its been quite long since I last hopped in to what I used to love doing ages back, and still love doing but just dont find enough time in the hustling urge for work,money,love and life. Let me get straight to the post, enough of another introduction :-)

This time, Kabir's Review team(KRT) is back again to business with Delhi-6. Oh yeah, people in India do recognize it as a pincode, until 20th February 2009 when it was released with a movie titled with this name. Delhi-6 (locally pronounced as Dilli Chhae) dragged me all the way to the theatres even on a sunday night when my mind still pulls me back to stay home and relax to face a long week ahead at work. None the less, I couldn't wait to deliver my loyalties as a fan of Abhishek Bachan and to check out Sonam Kapoor who had seemingly robbed the hearts of young boys in town with her desi-girl appeal. I chipped in the 100 bucks for the movie with a lot of expectations, and despite the movie having met them, D6 also portrays a message and delivers itself as a movie which hasn't been made for long in the Bollywood highway. Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra has yet again proved himself to be one of the finest film makers in India for the second time with D6 (The first being Rang De Basanti). Rahman's music spilled all over the movie with the right sounds and situations raises your respects for the legend even more. I bet if you haven't shaked a leg for Masaakali, then you are probably deaf or you have no musical nerves in your brain. Lol. Abhishek's performance was worth an applaud. The scene where he cried to his Granny to come along to America was one of the best natural performances in his entire career as an actor. Sonam Kapoor has come back with a much bigger limelight and she truly lived up to it.

Despite the makers of the movie, the movie in itself had a lot of things which are worth a mention. It is truly a feast to the eyes of those who haven't visited Delhi and a bigger feast to those eyes who miss being in Delhi away from their homes. The director has displayed the finest details of a Delhi street life so immaculately that you can actually feel the presence of yourself out there while you are still glued to your seats. Amazing screenplay with the right breaks into the tradition-rich acts of Rama and Raavan. The movie displays the love among people in the city crossing all regional and religious boundaries. Scenes like the mentally-ill person going about the streets with a mirror spreading love and peace, the pigeons flying all over brings in a smile on one's face despite all the problems one faces in his/her everyday lives.

The film coveys a message towards the end which is the real highlight of the movie despite its focus being the life of Delhi-6. People of today tend to forget such morals, when films like these are made to remind us of them. I shall do justice to the movie by not letting out the message, but would rather encourage you to go watch it to feel the seriousness of it.

A special mention to the song which combines the life of an American and Indian road(Delhi) and integrates their cultures to make it a unique song video.

KRT rates the movie 4/5 and a must watch for all those who love Delhi :-)
Yeh Dilli hai mere yaar, Bus ishq Mohabbat Pyaar.

Until another movie to ponder about, Kabir signs off with lots of love for everyone reading this. And a special dedication of this review post to Sameera for encouraging me to come back and blog despite my busy life. And for all the blog hoppers who visit my blog, I thank you all for showing interest though I sometimes tend to miss out on replies.

Peace Out!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Goodbye Bangalore

I'm writing after a long break and quite in a rush now. I can feel the adrenaline rush flowing within me as i write this one. The reason being that its my last few minutes i am spending at my office desk at Wipro Technologies, Bangalore. Its time to bid adieu to this place and the people here. This place has given me quite a wonderful kickstart for my career, would always keep the respects alive in me for that. This very desk has seen me happy, frustrated with overdose of work, sad with a few critical situations. I never knew until now that even non-living things get so emotionally attached to a human. I gotta run now. "Keep your spirits high and move on", i keep telling that to myself. This place and its people will remain in my memories forever... Peace Out!!

"My project team"

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Say it, Say what u need to Say !!!

"Even if ur hands are shaking, Even if ur faith is broken, Even if ur eyes are closing, Do it with a heart wide open, Say What U need to Say"... Yo homiez, thanks for pushing me to keep writing. All credits fly to John Mayer this time whose inspiring song "Say" made me pop out of bed and open up my blog to write about what he has to say and what i have to say about a very important charactersistic of a man. Rightly said as the song describes, jus go ahead and say whatever you want to say. Be it about anything, to anybody irrespective of his superiority, at any time even at ur death bed, dont curb ur feelings but just say it. Many a times we come across so many situations in life, where we stand alone drowned in dilemma or making a choice whether to say it or not to our bosses at work, our parents, our elders or even our best buddies. I've grown up as a child curbing my inner soul not to say out bold statements to people i mentioned above thinking it would harm the recipient's feelings. But as times changed, I learnt to say it all no matter whom i had to face to make that bold statement or even a tiny lil feeling. Be it good or bad, jus say what u have to say coz u sure will regret, if u keep it in urself and let it grow to such an extent that one day it will blow up ur soul and ur happiness to gain its visibility to ruin ur life. There are so many inmates of this prison of curbing feelings in this world, who have failed to rise up in life and move ahead. Walk like a One-Man Army as the singer says, walk with all ur might and feel no inferior to anyone or any force in this universe. If God has created forces to break this world, he has also created You to break that force. So its ur call to save ur skin or let it melt.

I had no intention to blog today for sure, was lazily sleepin around watching videos on tv when this song popped up. The picturization has so much to inspire an individual that any lazy soul like me can rise up and face anybody or anything. But, we dont need songs or movies to inspire us when our own life can teach us all what we need to know. I, personally, would not have got or achieved so many things in my life if I hadn't spoken out at the right moment to the right people. That includes one of the most important decisions of my life when i "said it" to her. Everyone should make it a ground rule to say it out what they need to say when time demands. I still have a lot of things to say to a few, and that keeps bothering within me. But im sure, I will say it out at the right time and be the happpiest person to have nothing within me. So, all you folks reading this one, make sure u SAY it all that have to say. U gotta keep passing ur baton, in this relay of life... or you would never win. Until Next time, i sign out of this one..Appreciations to John Mayer for having composed such a beautiful and inspiring song. Cheers!!! Peace Out!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Santa's Blog Of the Day

Heyo homiez, I thank everyone who voted for me to make my blog win Santa's Blog Of the Day award... I am really glad to have readers who like my blog. Thanks again folks. It was a real toguh battle to win it all at the end. The article about the day's contest is pasted below. I am proud to put up this award on my blog :-)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008
Santa's Blog of the Day for 1/16/08

Ho Ho Ho Everyone

Well everyone... What a day of voting it was. It was the most exciting yet and such a hard fought fight to the top. Our winner was way out front with 3 others coming up fast behind. I must admit I was watching with my mouth open waiting to see who the eventual winner was. It got to five minutes to go with a record number of votes and only one vote sepaerated first and second. I watched the clock closely and stopped it at the same time I do every day to make sure it was fair and our winner as you can see won by one vote. That was so exciting and I have to congratulate all of you for a great contest.

So... Our winner today of Santa's Blog of the Day is Kabir from Kabir's Hood. Well done Kabir and congratulations. I feel it only right that I mention that Anonme from Painting Life Yellow missed by only one vote to be a joint winner. Well done to you too. I'm sure that you will be a future winner. It was no coincidence that Kabir displayed the nominee badge on his blog with a link to this blog and asked members and visitors to vote for him.

Well done Kabir and Congratulations.

I know you will be proud to display your Santa's Blog of the Day badge.


I would like to specially thank my dearest Sameera for having nominated me for the Award.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Free 12 GB webspace !!!

Hi homiez, Its been really long since i posted something here... Apologizes... So i just decided to put up something which popped up today during my day at work, though its not gona satisfy my readers who look for news and fun .. not one of those cliched magazine articles of mine!

This is for all the techies and all the amateur webpage developers as well... I was on gtalk this morning when one of my friends told me about this free web hosting site . I anyways checked it out keeping in mind that its just another hosting service among the ones available in this ocean of internet services. But, to my surprise, it quite appealed me with its features and ease of use. It has a control panel thats quite different from others with an option to create and maintain databases as well. So, all you dynamic content delivery freaks, this one is a must if you are looking to build web pages dynamically.

Nothing much to say, rest is for you to check it out.. I also created a sample site on the space, just to fell good about it. U can visit it at .Will start building my site whenever i find time away from work.

Until next time, Peace Out.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Haiku Tag

Here i go, my first tag post... Sorry Sammu darl for writing it so late. I finally understood the concept of tagging. So i start it with the Haiku tag passed on to me by Sameera.
Well, i aint that poetic but will still try my best to write a Haiku... Its a 3 line poem with the lines having 5,7 and 5 syllables and should contain a seasonal word. Pretty

Its a Summer day
Sky so bright and Silver Grey
Birds Swinging to play

I hereby tag Sameera to write about "Special children"

Monday, November 26, 2007


It was just another saturday night when my watch struck 12.Me and my friend Arjun were waiting outside a lounge pub waiting to go home after a heavy dose of hip-hop music and dance. We had an amazing evening meeting up with old buddies who had come from Chennai. After exchanging our habitats in the career world and talks about the hustle bustle of the software industry, we both fled to hit the pub where we normally hang out on saturdays. Reasons being quite simple. One, coz the DJs there spin some awesome hiphop and rap tracks to complete the week's long adrenaline urge of partying. Two being the fact that we have nothing else to do on a saturday night at home. And being a new Bangalore baby is absolutely fun with surprises coming along frequently. Arjun isn't a new Bangalorean , but a new party freak in Bangalore.

After socializing with a bunch of guys inside talking about life here and their where abouts, dancing to some of the known tracks and breathing in heavily into the smoke-packed lounge, it was time for the pub to close down. As usual, the rumours of cops patrolling around and the earlier you evacuate the better. We waited outside the place all set to leave home and drown into a long weekend slumber. Surprisingly, we caught up with a few party animals who knew everything about a saturday nite where-abouts right from where to find the best food after midnight and where to catch up with parites happening beyond midnight. Lucky were we!!! We got along with them to accompany them for an after-party meal. They lead us to this street, woah, the final destination as it seemed for me.

I was in a very wrong misconstrue that Bangalore sleeps at 11pm, Damn! I was wrong... I was surprised to see this entire stretch of about 500 metres hooked up with activities trying to awaken the pitch silence of the residential neighbourhood. With all the luxury cars parked alongside and superbike owners doing their thang in the middle of the roads totally aware of being watched by cops, and from food junkies hogging everywhere with the best of non vegetarian cuisines to the ladies enjoying their favourite doses of milkshakes, ice-creams and all the delicious desserts, it was all in action up there. Man, it was a FAST AND THE FURIOUS movie come alive for me. I couldn't resist grabbing on my favourite snack "Shawarma" enjoying it with a packetful of road-side automobile entertainment. Thanx to those good guys who took us to this place, which is now gona be our saturday nite spot after midnight. The places and the joints are not mentioned on the blog for security reasons. And, I am being selfish by not doing so, lol. There are loads of animosities that you would get to hear from people about not trusting strangers in this crime-tagged city. But hey, all ain't bad. I trusted strangers and i had a feast for my senses ranging from sights and sounds to the taste buds. So all you homiez who wana have an adventurous life ahead or atleast for a while, start living it up to trust those good people whom you meet coz you never know that they might lead you to just the right goal ur trying to hit.

I dedicate this post to those homiez for making my last saturday nite the best weekend ever in B'lore and also to my homie Arjun who is my partner in crime on a weekend Until i come across something new next weekend, this is KabirEM signing off to get back to work. Peace Out!

P.S: The pic of the place is uploaded with the security constraints still in!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pay It Forward Challenge

Yo! Welcome back homiez... I am bumping into my own blog regularly these days to write my mind out... Thanx to Sameera (a.k.a Sam a.k.a Desiduck) who keeps pushing me to write more n who makes the wheels of my blog rolling on. This time, its about a new concept introduced by someone which i came across on Sam's blog. Its called PAY IT FORWARD. Sounds weird, but its kinda unique and fun. I played it and i This is how it goes (taken up from Sam's blog)...

"I promise to send a small handmade gift to the first three people who reply to this post on my blog, specifying that they accept the PIF challenge. I do not know what the gift will be as of now, but it will be something personalized and I promise to have it delivered to them within one year from today, no matter what. Of course, as the name indicates, the condition is that all three of them must in turn pay it forward the same way, by putting up a post linking to this one on their blog and promising to send three others a handmade gift."

Well, i am waiting for my gift all the way from UAE to India. Isn't that great? That's what the challenge says, u gotta pay it forward no matter where u reside in the world. In this fast paced world of globalization, people have become so professional that communication lacks in emotional bonds and humanitarian values. Formal emails are the buzz of the day. People have forgotten to write "Yours lovingly" anymore, its only "Thanks and Regards" filling up the final lines of messages. So, all my homiez, write back on this blog and lets all join hands to make this world a global village of love, friendship and brotherhood. I'm all set to Pay It Forward... Peace Out!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Farah Khan Vs SLB

Heyo homiez, Belated Diwali WIshes to all the bloggers n my respects to those who spend some time to read unappealing posts of mine :-) Well, i don't blog without reasons, n this time around, its the buzz of the two big diwali releases in Bollywood that forced me to write this post. It seemed to be a clash of the titans on the eve of diwali when the nation awaited to hit the big screens to watch their favourite stars in OM SHANTI OM and to debug their eager senses wanting to check out the new comers in SAAWARIYA. Instead of reviewing the movies here in the same old cliched way which Kabir's Review Team(KRT) normally does, we decided to make a comparative study of the movies to enhance your judgement of which hits the pots of fortune and which doesn't. For the first time, KRT has made such a comparison between any two movies released simultaneously. Not only are we reviewing it this way, but Kabir saw the movies back to back in two consecutive days to rate the movies to the highest precision. But it ended up as a leopard n turtle race, one racing its way out into the lands and the other had no traces of even being in the race. Lol. The results n findings are presented below (Don't Be Surprised):

1. Characterization: Well defined, marvellously crafted n designed, very appealing, very new though being derived from the 70s.
2. Star Cast: Its SRK all the way (NQA-No Questions Asked), Deepika Padukone - Best Debutant 2007, Shreyas Talpande - proved his acting skills yet again, Arjun Rampal - carried out the role to the best for the first time in his career, The remaining guest appearances - surprises all through the movie and unbeatable excitement.
3. Direction: Farah Khan is now idolized as the Best Masala Movie Maker ever existed in Bollywood, her techniques and creativity are so fresh n full of surprises.
4. Music: Vishal n Shekhar are gona rule the industry next, they did it in Bluffmaster and so did they prove it again here.
5. Costumes: Karan Johar n Manish Malhotra(can you beat that), ultimate pleasure for the eyes to watch those colours of the 70s, well designed guys.
6. Screenplay: Each moment n each frame of the movie was filled with excitement and had given the audience no time to even check out their mobile phone inboxes.
7. Sets: Beautifully sculptured and carved out feel of the 70s, well done Art Directors. Man, the appreciations would keep running out of pages for this movie.
8. Best Scene: Cant specify one, there are loadz. The bullet-catching scene of Akshay Kumar, Shahrukh imitating Rajni Kanth, etc.
9. Special Attractions: U know them all; SRK's 6 pack, 31 stars in a single song, graphics all through the movie was overwhelming.
10. KRT's rating: 4.5/5 for an overall family entertainer.

1. Characterization: Was Sanjay Leela Bhansali(SLB) suffering from illness when he wrote his characters? Damn, Bollywood aint a fantasy world!!!
2. Star Cast: Quite a good star cast as debutants, both Ranbir n Sonam have done their parts good enough for justifying their acting skills. Sonam, plz learn to smile better (Lol).
3. Direction: That's the only good thing about the movie. After all it comes from the eyes of one of the biggest directors in the industry. SLB has encapsulated each of his frames with marvellous colours n lighting effects.
4. Music: Tried to be different, but couldn't make a mark. Umrao Jaan would be a preferable choice to listen to rather.
5. Costumes: There were hardly any for the hero, the same old cap n coat. Sonam n Rani had a better deal of costumes quite aesthetically crafted.
6. Screenplay: Ruined the whole movie,that says it all.
7. Sets: Too artificial to digest, doesnt appeal even a point-bit.
8. Best Scene: Probably THE END scene.
9. Special Attractions: Were there any or were we all sleeping to notice?
10.KRT's rating: 0.5/5 (just for the lights n colours). Damn, it isn't even worth watching on a pirated cd.

So homiez, u know where to head to this weekend if u havent seen it... Toh bolo.. Ommmmmmm... shantiiiiiiiiii... ommmmmmmmmmmmmm...!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

AMNESIA - Refresh Memories !!!

Amnesia is one the first party places i visited in Bangalore. I entered the Chancery Pavilion (the hotel which houses this ubiquitous pub) with no expectations, thinking it might be just another 4 star hotel n a pub of the same lines. But when i climbed down the stairs to reach the poolside in the basement, i was gettin a lil excited to see people flocking around the pool sipping on their drinks n enjoyin the music. Yeah, People this is how Amnesia introduced itself to me - a cool pub neatly placed besides the pool and well synchronized with the architecture of the hotel to meet all the exhaustive requirements of hard-core clubbers in town. It was a wonderful sunday evening with light showers pouring down to give an added charm to the pool with the already blinged-up crowd. The actual pub was packed to the house with some DJ from Dubai( i dont remember names of DJs that well, lol) playing a lot of House n Hip-Hop to hustle up the so called Bangolorian niggaz. Some crazy dance acts on the floor n some enjoying their own romantic moments on the couch corners. Amnesia has all that you need to party, to romance, to chill out, to socialize, to make new friends and ofcourse complemented with great music and ambience. I'm waiting for another big party to happen, hope to catch some of you there. Until i find something interesting to write about, im out of here... Peace Out!